Friday, November 6, 2009

lazy blogger

I have been a slacker on the blog updates lately! I am getting pretty gigantic over here and this nice weather has given the boys extra super large doses of we have just been running around like crazies. Tuesday night sometime my car was broken into, Justins birthday presents...some Christmas presents for Brody...a bag of maternity clothes...and a southern living platter were taken out of the back. I am sending up a special prayer for the person who did this to our family. Our house keys were also stolen so we had to have all the locks changed today. Other than that, I have just been working on Baby Braxton's room and starting to prepare myself mentally for the new addition to our family. Somehow I have managed to go the past 8 months without really thinking about being pregnant haha and it is all beginning to become a little more "real"!! Pictures of his room will be posted soon...maybe even tonight :)

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