Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday and the rest of the crazies have had our day. Our special day where we can go nuts and spend that special little envelope of money we have been sneaking money into all year! The day where it is totally appropriate to study store ads like you would study for college finals. The day when you make friends in line at the store, wear pajamas out of your house to shop and realize that at any moment you could be killed over a toaster. Its Black Friday people...and I flipping love it. This year we went to Old Navy ON actual Thanksgiving day...totally worth it. Our bellies were as full as our carts and the deals were hot. We went to bed at 9:30pm so that we could wake up at 2am to make sure we were in line at Kohls by no later than 3am. This is not a joke and when I say "we" I mean me and Justin. Yes...he loves me. The adrenaline was a pumpin' and we met so many fun people in line. Other crazies like us who consider this "normal"....its not really about the great deals (although obviously that is important lol)...its more than that...its just an experience, a rush, a tradition! So this year Kohls was our only place to go since I am pretty much done with everything we were back in bed by 4:30am. And my precious and adorable husband was up and at work for the 8:30am meeting. Bryce and Brody were here with my dad and never even heard us leave or come home. My dad (who is my hero) took Bryce to the river house until Sunday morning so its just me and Brody for the next few days! Brody and I slept most of the morning and then headed back out to spend my last few dollars. It was pretty scary/crazy out there this afternoon. It confirmed my decision that middle of the night Black Friday shopping is TOTALLY worth it!

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