Sunday, November 1, 2009

october is over

My precious little puppy dog!
Photo thanks to Mustard Seed Photography

The Superhero Crew (aka Bryce and his Bffs)

He saves MY day!

My super cute shower hostesses

cutest pumpkin shower ever!!

We have been super busy lately with lots of fun things going on! Halloween was so fun this year. My cutie butt little puppy and my super strong and so courageous batman were too precious for words. Bryce was slightly over excited about the whole "neighbors are giving out free candy" thing...he absolutely wore us out! We had some really great friends over to share in the fun and romp down White Creek. I have to say we had the cutest/loudest crew on the block!
Thank you to all of you that prayed your hearts out for our doctors appointment. We had a little bit of a scare (ok so it was not little...we were practically peeing in our pants for 3 days) at the OB last week when the dr. noticed I was carrying extra fluid. Thankfully to our precious Lord and all the amazing prayers when the specialist went in to take a look...everything seemed very normal. We will continue to pray for Gods miracle on our baby Braxton and we will continue to be grateful for His perfect creation.
In other news...the boys Pop Pop (my dad) got them a trampoline for their birthday and its finally all set up! My mission today is to get pictures of them in action...but its a lot harder than I thought lol.
Last Sunday I sent my handsome husband off on his birthday trip to the Cowboys game in Dallas (i know i am a pretty awesome wife) and my beautiful friends here threw me the most adorable shower to celebrate Baby Braxton! It was a full house and I am just so thankful for the big time friendships we have made in this past year. Among all the friends, my aunts and Meme even drove in from Houston just for the shower and then drove back home after and Justins Nana made a special trip all the way from Lampasas! It was a pretty big bummer not having my mom sit next to me while opening presents. She loved parties and any reason to celebrate. These events are so precious...yet just not quite the same without her. I am already practicing my strength for the day he is born and she is not able to be in the room with me...I better practice really hard.

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