Friday, January 30, 2009

no up no down

Not much has changed. Brody is not getting worse...but he is not getting better either. Due to his lower muscle tone his immune system has a higher risk of letting infection in...and a harder time fighting it off. The infection has hit HARD and Brody is fighting like a trained UFC pro. We are not getting much sleep which is difficult because Brody really just wants to rest. He keeps looking at me like "mom are you kidding...why are we awake!?" I have decided that our current pulmonologist is too busy to worry for Brody so I have contacted another Dr. who may have more time to work with my cornbread (we are calling him that today because I miss Bryce so grossly bad). A nurse from the pediatric floor uttered the words "chronic respiratory issues" and I have decided to take that phrase for the seriousness that it is. I want him looked at more closely and I feel that his current plan of recovery may need some changes. They have taken him off the albuterol because (as I already told them) it was not doing any good. We are now receiving saline treatments every 3 hours and still some good suctioning. Lots of secretions still. I have stepped away while they are finding a new place for his 3rd IV...cornbread was not interested in having the first two so he just ripped them out. I have to say his persistence is admirable and his strenghth is straight from God.
Thank you to all of you who have us in your prayers. We are so thankful for the beautiful friends and family who have been loving on us during this difficult time. Extra prayers for Nana too...the poor thing has been having to play football with Bryce for a few days now!

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