Sunday, March 15, 2009

busy busy butterflies

I have been a little lazy on the posting lately because it has been harder to find time to sit down and let the words flow. I get emotional when I start to think too I have kind of been on auto pilot the past few days.
I miss my mom more than words can describe. I have finally purchased her urn and will soon be displaying her in my home. I think I found the perfect one that hopefully she would have approved of. Being around my dad was really hard because it made me think of my mom even more. I just hate that I cannot call her and tell her about our weekend....
The boys have had a very exciting past few days. Lots of playdates as always of course, but we also went with some fun friends to the Childrens Museum. The boys both had a great time. Brody took a ride on a cow...and in a miniature shopping cart (i am serious). Bryce rode in an airplane, drove a tractor, grocery shopped and basically bounced off the walls as usual. We had a great time with the neighbors and an even more fun time letting the tween girls carry Bryce around on their hip and "babysit" him! Bryce is just becoming the little socialite these days. I am concerned that my son is headed to destination politician. He stops strangers to say hello, he knows how to bat his eyes and get you do to whatever he pleases, he is extraordinarily bossy and always greets a man with a handshake. I have to say that this little monster keeps my plate full :)
Therapy went great for Brody last week. He is now officially 6 months so I am going to be making a check up appt. for him in the next few days. His lungs have been sounding a little crummy the past few days, but only because of the crummy weather. Hopefully we do not have to get back on the steroid to clear it out. I am doing xopenex puffers a little more frequently just to make sure his sats stay up.
I am thrilled that school starts back up this week. I have been needing an excuse to get back on schedule. I have been having difficulty getting motivated in the morning lately and I am ready to get my butt in gear.