Monday, March 2, 2009


We have been very busy lately and it has been wonderful! We finally have a great social life and awesome friends to spend time with everyday! We even took a trip to the zoo today which was a blast! Brody really liked riding on the train...I think he mostly liked the wind blowing in his hippie hair. Bryce had a great time running around with his friends and looking at all the animals. Bryce has his second field trip on Thursday (which I get to go to!!!!!) to HEB! Brody and I are really looking forward to tagging along with our camera :) Something new I learned today about Bryce is that he knows his colors in spanish! I do not know what we will do next year without Ms. Kelly our super great preschool teacher and friend, she has really enriched Bryce's life in such a beautiful way. We are blessed.
On to the sad part of the precious friend had her car broken into today while I was with her and I ask that you will all pray for the sad person who did this. What a sickening feeling to come out of a fun zoo trip and find your belongings missing. Also, my mom has gone into the hospital tonight. She starts her treatment tomorrow, but her pain was so excruciating tonight that my brother went ahead and took her in early. Her heart is saddened by the way my sister has treated her and I think that has a lot to do with her weak consitution. My sister continues to lie and make excuses for her behavior and it continues to hurt our mom. She recently requested to be friends with everyone I know on facebook and after sharing the story most of them deleted her. Our family that knows her is shocked that we are surprised how she is acting since she has always been this way...I mean what kind of person plans their wedding a week after their sister that is 20 years younger than them? we continue to keep her in our prayers and we ask that you do the same.
God Bless this blog that allows my mouth to stay shut and my fingers to do the yappin'! It is the most pleasant therapy that could ever be FREE!