Friday, March 20, 2009

just a little nothing

Today I am missing the way that my mom loved on us. I miss how she would give Bryce jelly beans for dinner or buy tacos for 20 when it was just me, her and justin. I miss the way that she thought margaritas and salad was the dinner for queens. I miss her love of birthdays and I know that I will probably never have another birthday quite as special as my last 24. I am so blessed that I picked up her love for birthdays and celebrations and I hope one day my kids will look back and appreciate how big of a deal I made out of their birthdays!
This time apart from my mom has been extremely trying on my heart. The Lord gives me such amazing strength and through Him I can see the good about this all, but it is still tough. There are others that take away from my grievance and make it about themselves. There are people that I still cannot fully trust and I am not sure what their motivations are. I am trying to put my own feelings first for once and I have to tell you its incredibly difficult.
The boys are growing like weeds. I am pretty sure that Bryce grew 3 inches last night in his sleep. "Somebody" told him that when you eat and sleep like a big boy that you will grow big and strong SOOOO my precious little son sits in front of the cabinet all day picking out food to eat and walks around with his eyes closed and exclaims that he "is GROWING RIGHT NOW!" okaaaaaaay whatEVER. Brody is all OVER the place. Rolling into the kitchen and under the bed and scooting across the bathroom. He tries to jump out of the swing and chews on his toes on a regular basis. My muffin is turning into a peanut and I LOVE it!