Tuesday, July 7, 2009

too much fun

The past few days have been VERY exciting and FUN! My Dad has been here and that is always a treat. He was supposed to be here Friday night, but he flew in on some crazy airlines and got stranded all over America before he finally got here late Saturday. We had to celebrate the 4th without him...but we managed to have a great time. We had a yummy lunch and then went to a party at our neighbors house for swimming and bbq! I have some pics of Justin swimming with the boys on a different camera that I will upload later. Justin was off Saturday, but had to work Sunday so my Dad took us all to the Cascade Caverns. For whatever reason...Brody LOVED this. He seriously laughed the entire way through...and there was really nothing funny about it. Bryce liked it...but mostly because he was just for sure that Batman was in there somewhere. That evening we took our first trip to SEAWORLD! It was soooo amazing. Bryce had the time of his life and has declared Shamu his new best friend. My dad got all of us year passes so Justin and I will be able to take the kids whenever we want. Monday we woke up and went straight BACK to Seaworld...yup we did it again. And this time we did it ALL. We saw 4 shows, fed dolphins, played in the waterpark, ate dippin dots and covered the map! My dad got lots of pics on his camera so we will get those from him soon. Today we headed to Chuck E Cheese and now we are all getting a much deserved REST. I just dont think I can handle one more piece of fun....at all.

Justin and Bryce on 4th of July!

Bryce and T Rex

My Dad and the boys in the cave

Shamu Ride!

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