Monday, July 27, 2009

123 Prayer Street

Today Bryce asked if he could mail MaMaMe a letter in Heaven. He said that it was important and he needed to know her address. I thought about it and I have decided there is absolutely no reason that we can not send letters to Heaven. So starting tomorrow morning I will put a special "mailbox" in MaMa's room (we will forever call the bedroom with her furniture in it "her room") so that Bryce can put special things in there for her. He found a butterfly drawing her had made in Kelly's class last year and it just really melted my heart that he wanted to send that to her. I have said it before...but I am so grateful that she gave us something so beautiful to remember her by. We will never look at anything with a butterfly on it again without thinking of her. I am just so blessed that she not only left that with me, but with Bryce and Justin and many of our family and friends. I am going to keep all of this "mail" in a special place and when Bryce is older we will take it all out and talk about it...but for now...mailing things to Heaven sounds like a fabulous idea to me! Millions of people send letters to Santa (of course we do that too) and if the elves can get mail to Santa then by all means God can pass on a note to our MaMaMe! Praise our Lord for these special days!
We had a great weekend. We went to a baby shower on Saturday, Mark and Ashley came to visit Sunday and then went to our MOPS steering team BBQ! Ashley helped me put together my 15 pound (literally) baked potato casserole while Bryce played with his BFF Mark. Mark is one of the only people I know that will leave the room while watching Sports Center with Justin to play hulk punchers and watch Kung Fu Panda with Bryce. Ashley took some cute pictures and I will post those as soon as I get them from her.
We had so much fun with the baby name voting poll! I really loved both names so much and eventhough Braydon was the winner....we have decided to go with Baby Braxton Lee! Bryce finally agreed on it (he was rooting for Braydon) so it is a done deal. It still makes me laugh to think that Baby Brody is going to be a "big brother"!!! Thank you all for your prayers. We have scheduled our special ultrasound and ask that you continue to pray hard for a healthy Braxton!

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