Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby BOY #3

So today Baby #3 became Baby BOY #3! We are so ridiculously excited we don't even know what to do! I just had a gut feeling that I was going to be the mommy of 3 preciously perfect little BOYS! WOW our house is really going to be WILD....and awesomely FUN (and loud)! I visited my new Dr. today and I LOVED her. Absolutely loved loved loved her. She was exactly what I needed, she was very honest with me and very polite...she spoke to me like a friend (and a little like a mom) and it was just great. She said we could take a look and just see if the baby felt like showing its stuff...she said there was no guarantee because its still so early BUT sure enough my adorable little man had his legs WIDE open. Just like the other two it was super obvious to see what was going on in there :) We are not going to be doing ANY testing, genetic or otherwise, on this baby. I will see the specialist simply for an upgraded ultrasound look at him. We will check out his heart and other vitals and then we will stop at that. I am very pleased with that decision and I was even more thrilled at how wonderfully she presented it all to me. She did not make me feel like a weirdo that makes alien babies or like a high risk freak. Justin and I are just elated at the news of having 3 boys...its just going to be a blast! Justin is headed to the vasectomy store the day after delivery...just kidding...well actually I am not lol! Please take a moment to vote on our sweet baby's name. The poll is located on the top right hand corner of the blog. His middle name will be in honor of my mom, but we love the first names equally and would love to hear your opinions.

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