Wednesday, July 15, 2009

kid things

I am nearing my 16th week (hooray) and Baby #3 is now about the size of an Avocado! Yummy that makes me want to make guacamole :) I will visit the new Dr. next week and hopefully things will go a little more smoothly this time around. Prayers needed big time as I am really struggling with this whole deal. I was having the WORST time finding a dr. and STILL am not sure if I am making the right choice BUT I really really prayed about it and although the Dr. plays a huge role in all this...God is really the one in control and I need to stop worrying so much. He has guided me away from nasty doctors before, so He has my back!
Bryce and Brody are still enjoying summer! Bryce is really into Lightning McQueen right now. I am starting to wean Toder off the bottle and head to the glorious land of sippy cups! We got info today that the insurance will replace our stolen that is great news! FYI - for those who have not heard...Justin's truck was stolen over the weekend. We had lots of personal items in the truck including a case of DVD's that Bryce watches in there, carseats, drycleaning and other things that will just not be able to be replaced overnight. It is such a violating feeling to have things stolen from you.

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