Wednesday, July 15, 2009

15 things

Things that I LOVE right now:
1. Sundays with my family
2. About 10pm when Justin and I crawl into bed
3. How Brody smiles with his whole body
4. Eating Out
5. America's Got Talent
6. Lunch with friends and a whole bunch of kids
7. Trashy reality tv
8. velveeta
9. How Bryce wakes me up with a mooch
10. Shamu
11. The information that Panera Bread has come to SA!
12. REAL friends
13. talking about nothing on the phone to those REAL friends
14. the kids bath time
15. clothes that FIT

Things that I DON'T Love right now:
1. People that steal
2. Liars...the kind that lie to me AND mostly the kind that lie to themselves!
3. Myspace
4. Real Estate
5. the news
6. Funerals on TV
7. Reflux
8. Doctors
9. the HEAT
10. fainting in the HEAT
11. Fake friends
12. being tired
13. grocery shopping
14. people that are able to help others and just dont
15. non-believers

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