Monday, August 10, 2009


My big boy Brody is just growing every day! His menu is getting pretty extensive these days...he is eating things like waffles, cheerios, avocados, peas, tuna, watermelon, mashed potatoes and anything else he can get his hands on! He eats like a grown man at the table and no longer requires any special baby foods at all! I think he is going to be my good eater of the family and I am very excited about that! We are still not able to do things that are too crunchy because the silly man is still toothless. Bryce on the other hand is just like his mom and I am OK with that. I started eating "grown up" food when I turned 19 lol.
This Thursday is our big ultrasound appointment so we need some big and serious prayers. Mostly just prayers of encouragement for me. God has already created Baby Brax just like he wants him and I think I am prepared for whatever that may be. He will be just perfect to us...but it still wont hurt for you all to pray for perfect lungs and heart :) I will post info on this Thursday afternoon.

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