Tuesday, August 4, 2009

summer is ending

summer is coming to an end and i know this for sure because while at walmart and subway today i heard the following phrases said to children from their mothers:
"don't talk to me for an hour"
"god i cant wait for school to start"
"why are you still talking to me"
"we are never buying you anything again for the rest of your life"
"NOOOO more talking...EVER"
"i am calling your dad as soon as we leave this store"
"you are going to daycare until school starts"

Now, some of these moms I actually felt sorry for...while others I just wanted to ask why they had kids and if they hate their kids so much maybe they should work full time and let someone nicer watch them. It has clearly been a long summer for some haha. I am so grateful for the opportunity to stay home with my kiddos and while shopping and running errands is not always the most fun with two boys and while I of course lose my temper too...I try to remember how blessed I really am. There have been moments in the store where I have almost gone to the aisle with duct tape or considered taking them to customer service and claiming them as "lost children" BUT all in all I am one lucky lady to hang out with these two handsome men all day. I am going to keep those other moms in mind when my kids are acting crazy next time...because I don't want some other lady with no life blogging about my embarrassing words in a store :)

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