Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So today was my first day at work and it was a success! Our church preschool needed a substitute teacher for the year so that is my new gig although it is pretty part-part-part time lol! Today and Thursday are teacher work days so I have the teachers kids (plus my own) and it was super fun. We have not left our house by 7:30am in ...maybe ever. So it was a slight challenge getting the 3 of us dressed, lunches made, breakfasts in the belly etc. but we managed and we got there in one piece. Next week I will work again on Tuesday for meet the teacher (which is also a full teacher work day as well) and then Thursday I will be off because I dont want to miss my guys first real day of preschool! Brody is going to be the cutiest little school man :) He already had so much fun today playing with all the toys...but it was kind of cheating because I was the teacher! We are anxious to meet all our new classmate friends and get back into our routine. My camera is broken so I am having a slight meltdown because I absolutely need it to be working for next week. I may have to buy a new one this weekend...but I am just not ready to admit that yet.

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