Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Baby Brax is now the size of a crenshaw melon....whatever the heck that is. All I know is that he is huge and my back hurts and my body is aching in lots of places and I am really ready for him to GET OUT! Last time the Dr. checked I was beginning to dilate (2cm) and hopefully things are progressing because I am over it.

My dads visit was amazing as always. We had so much fun while he was here...my favorite part of his visits are when him and Justin just hang out and "man talk"...its so sweet to see how well they bond! Bryce was of course over the moon the whole time. His Pop Pop is his hero and he needs nothing to do with me when Pop Pop is here. Literally nothing. They went on a 3 day hunting trip and I have not stopped hearing about it yet. Sunday when they got home, I put Bryce in the tub and the water instantly turned black. Yucky smelly boys!

Brody has a big therapy evaluation tomorrow so we are are looking forward to that AND staying in our pajamas the remainder of the day because it is SOOOO cold and SOOOO rainy!!

Christmas is going on here...tree is up...outside lights are up (thanks to pop pop)...nutcrackers are out...and the nightly Christmas shows are on! I love it!!

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