Friday, May 17, 2013

He is so good.

JMac is bustin outta here. The doctors feel certain that he should recover at home and away from this germy hospital where risk of infection is just too high. He will have home health come by once a day to check vitals and make sure he is obeying all his "rules". PT will begin coming by as well until he is able to get out of the house and go to PT. He has lots of restrictions over the next 6 weeks. Justin isn't much of a rule follower. In fact he excels at convincing people that it is really a good plan to break the rules :) If you know him know this is TRUTH! Justin is so overwhelmed by Gods' grace and protection during his surgery. He felt His presence over him when he awoke. He was in agonizing pain, but he knew that he had been given a very great gift. The odds were against him, but our great God was FOR him. In light of the tragedies around us, we know more than ever that life is so precious. This is not the life we planned for. These are not the challenges that we ever thought we would encounter. God isn't done with Justin yet...and we praise Him for that. He is our everything, and we WILL adore Him. Please join us in praise for this overwhelming outcome. The road ahead is going to be hard, but the unending reminder of His presence will sustain doubt.
What are the next six weeks going to look like? What can he do? How will he feel? Can you come visit? Why are you not answering my text? How can we help?
How blessed are we to have these questions to answer?!
Basically, Justin's list of things he cannot do for awhile is pretty lengthy. He cannot kneel, bend, reach (for example reach down and pull up his blanket), out on shoes or socks, cross legs, twist, DRIVE (say what?!), bear full weight on his right light, life more than 15 lbs, stand for too long, sit for too long, shower standing up etc. He also cannot vacuum...which I am sure is devastating to him. NOT. I bet he doesnt even know where I keep the vacuum. There are many things he can do after this six weeks recovery and some he can never do again. Like, play basketball which pretty much means my debut on basketball wives is on permanent hold.
The collapse of his right hip is inevitable, so we will do all this again at some point. We will be pros by then! We are also praying hard as many suggestions from doctors have come in about returning to Cleveland and seeking some alternative care. Please pray that we will seek his will in discerning what is the best option.
He hurts like crazy. The man takes dinosaur amounts of pain meds on a daily basis and it is hard to find anything that works for him other than keeping him knocked out. He loves visitors, but we have to continue to be extra sensitive to germs. If you think you may be getting sick do not come. If you have been around a sick person do not come. If you do not shower often dont come. :) Please check with me first when you want to come visit. If it isnt a good time, I will tell you when a better time is. Taking care of Justin is a full time job right now and tack on my three little amigos and I have my hands full (with beautiful things). So please give us grace if we are not updating you well. We know you love us and want to be praying for us specifically and I will continue to make the blog a priority. We know that we would not be on the back end of an uncomplicated surgery if it wasnt for YOUR prayers. Justin will need full time care for a bit, so your offers to help have not been unnoticed. We are grateful for the yummy meals that have been coming and the incredible people who have stepped up and taken care of things that we just cant get to right now. You are doing God's work right now. You are serving in a mighty way. Go hug your husband, kiss your wife, wrap your kids up in a big hug and tickle them until they pee. Really, do it now.

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