Tuesday, May 14, 2013

song of hope

all things bright and beautiful you are

all things wise and wonderful you are
in my darkest night, you brighten up the skies
a song will rise

i will sing a song of hope
sing along
god of heaven come down 
heaven come down
just to know that you are near is enough
go of heaven come down

God of Heaven came down. He came right on down to the OR at NC Baptist today and made Himself PRESENT. We knew that he was near...and THAT was enough. This morning was hard. It was scary and very sad to leave him behind while I was scooted on to the waiting room. Thankfully, Katie was there with open arms waiting for me to cry in her lap. Dru was there too, but lucky for him I did not cry in his lap. Sweet people surrounded me while we waited for what seemed like 986543 hours...and then the news came. The most wonderful news. Surgery went better than expected! The surgeon was more than pleased with the lack of complications. He got "a whole bunch" of staples on the left side where they did the total hip replacement and has two incisions on the right where the core decompression took place. They used some of his own stem cells to hopefully regenerate some of the bone on the right side and buy some time (this is the more painful procedure of the two and will take longer to heal than the other). We need to diligently pray that the right hip will behave. The surgeon feels like a right hip replacement is ultimately inevitable...but this will stave that off for a bit.  The surgeon reported that his cartilage just peeled away like paper...yuck. Good thing all that broken junk is OUT. 
Justin is now is some serious pain. They were not as on top of their game with pain management as we had hoped, but he is now fully awake and getting a little relief. Physical therapy starts now. They are coming in shortly to make him sit up...he is super excited about that. Not. We have a very long road to recovery ahead, but the worst is over! You prayer warriors are just the icing on top of a very yummy cupcake. 
Main prayer concerns for now:
1. NO infection, specifically in the joints
2. pain management
3. the little macs at home

We are asking that you be super sensitive regarding visitation right now. We promise to be honest, so if you want to come...just ask. We will let you know if it is a good time or not. Today he just wants to rest, but he may be up for a buddy or two tomorrow :) Please make sure that you leave your germs at home. Thanks, ya'll. 

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