Friday, May 24, 2013

per the norm

Per the is time for a new norm! This little chunk o time consists of recovery. Rest and recovery. Not for me of course, but for the Mister. He is 100% homebound for the next several weeks. He is unable to do most things on his own, which is tough stuff for an independent and high energy man. This is just another one of those times where we gotta bust out the boxing gloves and roll with the punches. He is not out of the woods regarding infection, so we still need to keep our prayer pants on regarding that. Due to the steroids, he has the skin of an 80 year old man. I apologize to any 80 year old men who may be reading this....but your skin stinks. The healing process for Justin is of course longer than most, he will have to keep the staples in longer, he will have to stay in bed longer, he will need to be home longer and he will make sure his doctors work for their paycheck :) The surgeon wanted to see him Tuesday and said he will not sleep at night until Justin's hip is fully healed. He wants less physical therapy for him because he is less concerned with his ability to move "properly" and more concerned with his healing process. We have much to be thankful for and much to continue to pray for. Please join us in praying for clear direction. Please choose 10 minutes between now and midnight tonight to pray over upcoming decisions. We need to come up with a new treatment plan. That may mean returning to Cleveland, that may mean visiting with a Naturopathic Doctor, it may mean both and it may mean something else that God has yet to reveal. Please pray, and let us know that you did!
God has already revealed many things to us regarding lifestyle and ways to make this new chapter work. Stay tuned for a food post! I will also be updating the blog a bit over the next week. It is way past due for a makeover, but it is also time to add a few fun things! I have been continuously humbled over the past several years at how many people read this blog. On average, this page receives 11,000 page views a month. People mostly find this page through facebook shares, but according to blogger stats we also get a lot of views from all kinds of google searches (from health questions to baby shower ideas), other bloggers sharing and more! I am no dot com mama with fancy tutorials by any means, but I would now like to offer advertising on the side bar of the blog. I will also do a very limited amount of product and business reviews a month (keeping it super limited for several reasons...more info to come). I will be adding pricing information later today, but it will be very affordable and much less than the blogger world norm. Every single bit of your love and support is appreciated. Ya'll are the ones who keep our story alive.

misty mac

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