Wednesday, May 15, 2013

post op day 1 - quick update

So we are at day 1 post op and things are going pretty well. He slept better than expected last night and they mostly disturbed me instead of him ;) The doctor has finally gotten the pain under control, that has been the most difficult part thus far. With the amount of medications that he takes baseline, it was tough to come up with a concoction that would give him any relief. This morning his IV infiltrated and his forearm swelled to double its size. He looked a bit like popeye! They got it out and were able to set a new IV in his port. He has not been able to move around much so they have brought in some special tools to help with skin irritations and blood clots. He has a fancy blow up mattress now and they have offered him some air boots, but he declined :) He is still wearing compression garments and movement simulators on his feet. Physical Therapy was no bueno yesterday. They made him sit up on the side of his bed and it was flat out awful. Today the therapist was able to assist Justin with a walker and he got out of bed and walked over to a chair where he sat for about 45 minutes. I was so proud of him!!! The therapy wears him out big time but he is being strong as always and trucking through it. He knows it is what he needs to do to get  outta this place. We still need to remain in prayer over the next two weeks for infections risks.
current prayer requests:
1. NO infection
2. that he can make all his physical therapy goals
3. that the pain will continue to subside so that he can come off IV meds
4. little macs at home
thanks, yall.

ps: please forgive us if we have not responded to your text or call. we are gratefully overwhelmed with all the phone love and it is hard to keep up with! we are feelin the love ya'll.

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