Monday, May 27, 2013

thanks James + baptism day pics

I have been praying and praying for God to speak something mighty into me. I have been in a funk ya'll. I have had my head in a cloud...focusing on worldly things. Things that make me feel sad or left out or different. I have felt the past few days that I had something to prove. 
And, I don't. 
The book of James tell us to:
- humble ourselves before the Lord and He will exalt us
 -do not speak against one another
-draw near to the Lord
I gave up something this morning that was bothering me. I felt I had a right to something...and I don't. I don't have a right to be understood. I don't have a right to prove anything to anyone. 
God is a friend to those in need. He is jealous of our desires to prove something to the rest of the world. I boldly ask for GRACE as I lay pride on the cross and get back on track. You can't prove who you are with words. It must be shown by action and example...which means I have some work to do. 
God refine my heart as I draw close to you in this time of reflection.

There is no better reminder of His endless gift of GRACE than salvation. 
I feel honored to walk alongside a man who finds JOY no matter what. You just won't find him feelings sorry for himself. He will NOT be a victim of his circumstances. I have a thing or two to learn from him when my head gets too far in the clouds. 
I am grateful for his example to our kids.  He shows them by EXAMPLE that when times get just keep on truckin. Didn't you know you can still throw a football (in my bedroom!!!) even if you can't really walk? You can do so much, even when you have so little. When what he thought was the best of his life has been taken from him....
He got his crutches out and drove to the river to recommit his life to his creator. 
Now the best of his life can begin...robo-hip and all.  

Justin was re-baptized a few days before his big surgery at our friends ranch. Many of our dearest friends joined us to celebrate. ain't got nothin on our God!

In true Texan spirit, we hopped in the back of trucks and headed down to the river. 

I couldn't have handpicked a better group of men to live life alongside my husband. Encouragers, leaders, loving husbands, devoted fathers, goofballs...and a whole bunch of aggies :)


I think God accidentally forgot to give me one of these girls. One of them is mine. I just know it. 

This just makes me smile. 

And then this little treasure that was found. 

We choose JOY. 

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