Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Braxton Lee

Braxton Lee is doing great! He had his 1 week old photo session today with Mustard Seed Photography and as you can see...he is totally precious! I just love that little old man look that newborns have :) He had his first doctors visit yesterday and everything is perfect. He is already at 8lbs, which exceeds his birth weight, so we are all good! Looks like we may have another chubber bubber on our hands! The boys are all adjusting well. Bryce is way way way into this little guy. He has already fed him several times and loves it when it is his turn to hold him. Brody still has no interest at all and it still playing with his gazillion new toys he got for Christmas and could care less about the new blob that has moved in. Maybe he is just in denial haha.

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