Friday, December 4, 2009


Yes it DID snow today! I thought we may all die of the anticipation this morning...but the snow finally came around noon. Bryce didn't even have his pants all the way pulled up before he was out the door! It didn't last long of course, but we enjoyed it either way. We came in and had some hot chocolate and I put on The Grinch to make it feel more Christmasy :)
Update on Brody: He had his big ECI evaluation on Wednesday morning and...drumrolll please...developmentally he is at the stage of 11-12 months which is AMAZING!!!!! Super incredibly awesomely too exciting for words amazing! Statistically he should be at around 6 months. He will turn 15 months on the 11th of December and we are just so proud of our little go-getter!
Baby Braxton news....he is getting ready. Contractions are happening more frequently, just not too consistent yet. In the past I "just know" when its time...and I know its not time today...but it will be very soon! We will see if I make it too my next appointment on Wednesday.
A little bit of sad news...our box of Christmas ornaments was accidentally left at the house in Valentine Ranch and the people there now are not being very friendly about letting us get it. I am very sad to say that I may have lost every ornament I have ever had. All the special ones Bryce has made for me, our personalized ones for our first home and from our wedding, and worst of all...everything my mom passed down to me last year. As of now our tree is bare...somehow the star ended up in a different box, so we have white lights on it and a star on top. I know we will make new memories and will eventually fill our tree with love again, but at this time it is pretty depressing to know that so many precious things are gone. I am really just not thinking about it because it makes me lose my mind. Its also a reminder that this season is not about ornaments or trees or Santa (which speaking of that we DID take the kids to see Santa yesterday at Bass Pro and it was SOOO fun) or presents or any of that. This is the time to celebrate Jesus and I don't think he cares if I have ornaments on my tree. He loves us so so so much and knowing that is enough to make any sad mood better!

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