Monday, December 14, 2009

december things

So I am still pregnant. All these contractions are just fakers and although I have progressed in dilation/effacement, my doctor has not yet found it necessary to induce. I have my next appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30 to "discuss my progression and inducing" but she is pretty hardcore so we will just see....She initially thought she would not let me go past the 15th of this month because she felt he was a my heart was really set on this date. However, God has this all planned out and it has nothing to do with what she or I think. I just need to learn to accept that :) I almost lost my mind on Friday night...I was aching and hurting...I was having contractions like crazy (but of course not consistent, just totally annoying and PAINFUL)! I was emotional, erratic, borderline psychotic. SO I got out the trusty Bible and began to look for scripture that was focused on patience. But what I ended up thinking was much better than that. I know it sounds a little over the top BUT what really calmed me down and kinda put me in check is the reminder that Mary carried Jesus (HELLO our Lord and SAVIOR) on a DONKEY!!! She had him in a strangers BARN on a bale of flippin HAY!!! She was carrying the son of kinda a big deal. Probably scary...not even to mention I really doubt she got an epidural!!So, that is what helped me mellow myself and get over myself. I am 38 weeks pregnant (the length of a leek...whatEVER) and some women carry babies up to 42 weeks. What makes me think I am entitled to have mine early just because my other two checked out of hotel misty 3and 4 weeks ahead of time? These contractions hurt like H, but its not the end of the world. A little pain now is nothing compared to the beautiful gift that I am about to receive and that I can treasure and love the rest of my life! Okay enough crazy pregnant lady talk...
Last Thursday I took Bryce into the ENT. I was concerned about his hearing and I was right on. He has major hearing loss in his right ear and minimal in his left. We have him on some meds right now that we are praying will clear the issues before the dr. has to consider re-inserting tubes or other surgery. We will not go back for a couple of in the mean time please pray that these meds clear things up.
We had a busy weekend full of Christmas cheer. A fun family party with great friends and yummy food on Saturday night and Justin's work party on Sunday. Both were a blast. Here are some pics from Sunday...

Brody and Santa :)

Brody liked Santa...but all he really wanted to do was pull his beard off!

The big man asked for some pretty cool stuff...number one on the list Golf Clubs...number two on the list a Blue Fish!

It took almost 30 minutes for him to decide what he wanted painted on his face. I think he made a great choice :)

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