Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday Appt. Info

I went to the Dr. yesterday for my hopeful induction...but was sent home. I am now dilated to 5cm and 80% effaced (yes this is pretty much considered active labor) however, she really wants me to go in on my own. She prefers not to induce her patients when possible. I am pretty ready...but its up to him now. She says it will go very FAST when it does I hope I make it to the hospital. I go in again tomorrow to check his size...because she thinks he is just going to be big (another reason I feel she should induce me...but again that is not up for me to decide!).

Tomorrow is the big Christmas program at school. The kids have been practicing their songs all year! Santa will even come and visit! Lots of pics should be posted tomorrow night :)

Here is a fun pic from Justin's work party on Sunday!

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