Thursday, December 31, 2009

we made it to midnight!

happy 2010 friends! tonight we were not quite sure if we would be awake to ring in the new year...but we made it. tonight as we held sweet 10 day old braxton, i was reminded of what a long way our little family has come. when bryce was 10 days old he was miserable with reflux. crying in pain...losing weight...he was an adorable and precious blessing...but surely high maintenance. i had no clue what i was doing, neither of us did. we learned each day how to take care of a baby, we learned how to love unconditionally, we learned patience and we learned the directness of God's miracles. when brody was 10 days old we were stuck in houston still dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. on his 10th day his surgery was cancelled and once again we saw God's miracles as the doctors found a way to get him home and get treatment for him in San Antonio. we were not able to hold him and love on him. he was covered in tubes and wires and billi blankets...locked in the warmer where we could not even touch him without gloves on. and now on braxtons 10th day we are blessed with this chubby little man that is perfect in every way. he is mild tempered, he eats well, sleeps well and poops well. he is truly the perfect addition to our family and has naturally completed us. now bryce is 4 and continues to teach us patience and love. he is brilliant and passionate and the best big brother in the world. brody is 15 months and is a daily reminder of miracles. he is the happiest man that ever lived, so filled with love and more smiles than you could ever imagine. i am so anxious to see our family at this time next year. our marriage has grown better and better with each day and with each obstacle and with every moment that passes. 2009 was such a special year...our family dynamic continues to change with each season and i pray to be this blessed through 2010.

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