Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Blessings

Wow. The past 11 days have been absolutely filled with excitement, love, friends, family, emotions and events! The boys Christmas program at school was amazing and fun. My ultrasound that afternoon showed that Braxton was weighing in at approximately 8lbs10oz and my Doctor wanted me to come back on Monday morning. My dad got here Friday, which was so exciting for everyone. Him and I were able to get his last minute shopping done and he was able to get some good quality time in with the soon to be big brothers :)Monday morning I had my appointment where my doctor informed that Braxton would be on his way out the "door" any minute....
So that night around midnight I really started feeling crazy. The contractions were picking up and I just had this weirdo anxious feeling going on. So Justin and I packed up and headed to the hospital. When we got there my contractions were about 3 minutes apart and things were starting to move along. At about 5am everything slowed down a little bit so they give me a dose of pitocin and precious baby brother showed up at 1:46pm. Birth coaches Justin, Kelly and Dena helped me welcome 7lb14oz 20in long Braxton Lee McElhannon into this world. It was such a beautiful and fun (literally) time. We spent the time before I began to push laughing and joking and giving each other a hard time. It was such a perfect birthing experience and I am so glad 3 of my favorite people were able to be a part of it. My dad held down the fort with the big kids...they spent 90% of the 2 days I was in the hospital over at Bass Pro Shop "camping, fishing and having man time"! It was different to do this without my mom, she always really took control of those types of situations and made me feel extra comfortable while making sure each doctor and nurse was getting her paychecks worth of work :) I missed her terribly, but definitely felt her presence and for sure felt her warmth as we dedicated his middle name to her. The next few hours after his delivery were pretty excruciating...this was the time that we waited for the doctor to come in and tell us everything that was wrong with him. He was making some weird noises and not crying like they wanted him to so they whisked him over to the NICU. I nearly lost my mind just hearing that word. Just seeing the nurse come to transfer him literally made me lose my lunch. I was trying to be strong and trust in the Lords plan for him...but I just did not think I could handle another ounce of scary news regarding one of our childrens health. Thankfully TWELVE HOURS LATER (now let me tell how quickly that time went by...yeah RIGHT!) we were informed that Brax Man was all good and that the tests showed it was sinply reflux that we would be dealing with. Our family was blessed to come home Christmas Eve morning and spend the most precious day of the year with all of our 3 handsome babies. I was able to make Christmas dinner for us and my dad and we even spent Sunday at the River House with my entire family. Braxton is now 6 days old and doing great. He is perfect and very loved! We will have his first visit to see Dr. Holcomb this look for more updates soon! Thank you all for your support and love during this pregnancy. I cannot even tell you all how thankful and happy I am to not be pregnant anymore...I can totally see my feet belly button is beginning to reform itself and I can actually sleep. I know it sounds crazy since I have a newborn, but he has been such a dream and I am sleeping double the amount as I was when he lived in me! I promise to take and post more and more pics are a few.

The brand new McElhannon family all cozy in the hospital bed!

Little Brax Man on his way home Christmas Eve!!

Waiting for Santa

Santa Came!! Notice my beautiful decorated tree...Three very special ladies made that possible. Since our ornaments we had are not going to be returned, my dear friends wanted me to have a beautiful tree and made it happen. I will let you know when Dena's decorating business is open :)

Justin, Pop Pop and Bryce made Santa a special gingerbread house on Christmas Eve...but poor Santa never got to take a bite! Bryce went ahead and finished it off :)

Cookies and Milk and other treats from the boys!

Brody had so much fun opening presents!

Just look at their little faces!
Sweet brothers. I love them so much.
Big brother Bryce went to visit Brody at his school Christmas party.
Bryce was just the star of the show at his special Christmas program!

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