Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Braxton Lee

One year ago I gave birth to the cutest little man in the world. Yup. Braxton Lee is ONE TODAY! This year has been so amazing and fun and crazy crazy crazy! We never realized we actually WANTED a third baby...but man would we have been missing out if God was not in control! Braxton has been the most adorable and silly and precious addition to our family. He is so chubby and giggly. He LOVES to eat and snuggle and really likes it when we pet his head (seriously). He loves his big brothers so much. He loves to follow them around and do everything they are doing. All I can say is...he is going to be one tough cookie. He is taking 3 or 4 steps at a time...but is pretty lazy about it. He is pretty he really prefers to crawl. He is saying all kinds of cute words and mimics everything we do. He loves to blow kisses and point at people and clap for himself. He is 100 percent a joy to be around all the time. He is just one big bowl of cozy love!


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