Wednesday, December 1, 2010


well i have just been the lamest blogger in town. no post in ages :(

we spent thanksgiving week with family at the river house. it was a last minute plan (and very bittersweet) and it should have been the most wonderful time ever...but instead i was sick. boo hoo. i still had mounds of fun laying around with my family and letting bryce go hunting and spending some good kitchen time with all the wonderful women in my family BUT it sure would have been nice if i felt better.
through the sickness i DID find a way to get out and shop all night :)
i got to walmart and 10pm and didnt cozy back up into bed into 7:30 that morning. i LOVE all my deals and had a blast with some really fun friends. i dont think that standing out in the 32 degree weather for 2 hours waiting to get into target helped me get better any faster...but i had fun and brought lots of it was all good.
braxton had the most fun on thanksgiving. i totally thought brody was going to be the biggest t-day food fan...but that fatty braxty put him to shame. totally ate him under the table. sweet chubby boy makes me so proud. bryce had macaroni and cheese for thanksgiving :/ what a weirdo.
now december has just shown right up ready to rock my world. i am ready december...bring it on! the christmas tree is up and decorated, the lights are on the house and my nutcrackers are on the mantle. all the kids presents are bought and wrapped and under the tree. braxtons birthday party is planned (yuck to him turning ONE) and the christmas crafting has begun!
lots of pics to come!

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