Friday, December 3, 2010


ok here are some pictures to officially wrap up november. they are NOT in ANY kind of order...because i am tired :)

midnight at walmart with some FUN ladies!!!
2AM at old navy...see how we are getting delirious by this point?? lol
yay its christmas at my house!!
i may have already posted this...BUT does it seriously get any cuter than this??? somebody PLEASE make him stop growing!
my best pal came to visit us all the way from vegas! bryce was stoked!
i dont know why i think this picture is so crazy cute. brody just looks so tiny and precious and i love it.
ready to hunt!!
braxton LOVED t-day! food is his friend.
heading to the ranch! like men!
hmmm...the walmart line :(
two little snuggle bunnies at the river house
my gumdrop wreath! you should make one because its pretty cute!

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