Wednesday, December 29, 2010

christmas picture overload!

So as if you have not already had your fair viewing share of cute kids in matching pajamas by the Christmas Tree...get ready to get rocked by the McElhannon Christmas Crazies!
We had such a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time chasing our kids down the aisle at church. It was so special to see Bryce understand the true meaning of Christmas. He loved talking about the Christmas Story and singing happy birthday to Jesus. We had a yummy meal at home and then got into our Christmas jammies (a tradition of my moms that we will NEVER break)! I big fat love our little family of 5. We fed the reindeer and set up santas snack and sang christmas karaoke!! The only thing that could have made the night any better was if my dad could have joined us! Now get ready for some cuteness...
Bryce sprinkling the reindeer food out in the yard.
mommy forgot to make cookies :( so we let santa eat our gingerbread house. we also left some candy for santa to bring back to the elves. can you believe santa ate the whole house?? he only left one tiny bite!
Bryce and Brody were dancing their little hineys off!!
Brody was exhausted...but just wanted to keep singing and dancing all night!
SANTA CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...he even wrote the boys a note on their new table!
hmmm...Brody seems to be more interested in his waffle than his new slide
the babies are SO in love with this slide! they are hilarious chasing each other around on it!
my little man did not get his two front teeth for Christmas...BUT he did get lots and lots of fun things!!
Baby Braxton was SO excited!!
...although he also struggled with what was more important. Waffle...or toy. Its a BIG decision.
sweet brody was so poilte about the way he opened his presents.
all the boys got cowboy boots from pop pop!!! bryce has yet to take his off!!
wahoooo a toothbrush!!!
precious guy is SO proud! he can facetime his daddy at work on his new itouch :)
best pals
do we eat these or what?
if you look will notice that he actually set down the waffle for this one!!!
if i could eat him. i would.
ok. so last year this picture was great...we told bryce to sit in the middle and then plopped a cute baby on each side of him. this year...well...those cute babies have an opinion!!! yikes!!
notice the waffle
so trashy. and we actually left our house like this too when we went to georgetown.
After we got done with all the Santa excitement...we headed to Justin's grandparents in georgetown to visit with his family. We had a yummy lunch and then got to spend the rest of the time visiting.
We are so blessed and proud to celebrate our Lord and Savior. We loved every minute of this amazing Christmas Season! The fun and friends and giving and excitement! So thankful for that little baby Jesus and looking forward to 2011!!

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