Sunday, December 12, 2010

craft day

My sweet friend has an annual Christmas craft party! It is so crazy and messy and fun...for the mamas and the kiddos! My boys had so much fun crafting and playing and eating yummy snacks (and breaking things :/)! We are so blessed to have such awesome friends. I am appreciative to be able to show up with my crazy train (aka bryce brody braxton) and be loved no matter what. Braxton was eating crumbs off the floor and nobody judged me. Brody threw a small tantrum and he was rewarded with a lollipop...and again nobody judged me. We broke a plate, knocked a shelf off the wall, dumped a cup of water over and got out every toy in the house. BUT...everyone still loves us anyways :) We are so lovin' our wild and crazy season of life right now and are so thankful we have such awesome friends to enjoy it with us!

these baby brothers are best friends!
bryce man working on his wreath
katie and her cute kiddos
yummy in our tummy
brody decided that crafting was a lot of he took a break with the big kids to watch home alone :)
lots of crazy crafting fun

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