Friday, December 17, 2010

exciting things!

The number ONE most exciting thing happening right now is.....Justin was accepted into the University of Incarnate Word! We are SO super crazy proud of him!! He will continue to work 100 million hours a week AND take 12 hours a semester. Prayers Please.

Specifically pray for God to just multiply his time and energy. We are in continual prayer that God will continue to control our finances...this school is not the cheapest one on the block. I am so thankful to be married to the cutest college student in the WORLD!

Next is...Bryce Joe wants his TWO FRONT TEETH FOR CHRISTMAS! So please let Santa know :) It was time for them to GO! He thinks he looks pretty cool.
It was VERY exciting to finally use the tooth fairy pillow we have been saving in the closet for 5 years!

The big boys had their Christmas show on Thursday! They both did such a great job! Bryce got to stand by his buddy Charlie and was a champ at the hand bells. He recited his lines loud and clear and we were just SO proud! Brody was the star of the show (as usual) with his jingle bells and of course as he rocked baby Jesus to Away in the Manger!!

Now here is just a little bonus...they are totally best friends :)

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