Friday, January 28, 2011

dirty laundry

I have a "laundry system" works for me. It is extremely scientific...NOT. I do 4 loads and let it pile up on the laundry room floor until each load makes it out of the dryer. Then I put the boys down for a nap and busy Bryce with some "important project" (like painting shoe boxes or something else time consuming and messy). I put on one of my shows (too embarrassing to name) and get to folding. Every person gets a section of the living room....they get separate piles for underwear, pants, pjs, hanging up shirts, etc. Then when everything is folded...I put away the clothes in order from oldest person to youngest person. I specifucally do this chore in the living room so I can watch TV
so that I will not leave the job undone. I cannot handle clothes on the floor in the living doing it here forces me to finish.

So who the heck cares how I do my laundry?? Nobody. BUT the reason I chose to share this is because while I am doing this chore I really am reminded of how blessed I am.
I get to fold all these tiny little blue jeans. I love them. I love the fat chubby Braxton legs that go into the jeans. I love the tiny Brody hiney that goes into the jeans. I love the holes that my precious Bryce rips in the knees of all his jeans. I love the big handsome daddy that changes clothes more times than me in a day and has more laundry than everyone :) I love the super cozy pajamas that keep my babies warm at night. I love the treasures I find in the pockets. I love the acorns and hot wheels and work nametags that fall out when I begin to sort.
As I make each precious boy (and mans) pile...I pray over that pile. And no...I am not praying over the handsome clothes that I love to buy them :) I pray for each man in my family that I love so much. I even pause (too embarrassing to name) my show and really praise God for giving me the opportunity to bless these men. These little baby boys that will become men and this man that I often feel completely undeserving of.
I love/hate this chore. I hate it for the obvious reasons....and the repetitive-ness of it. But I so so so truly love it. I love the reminder it brings. I love seeing the tiny mismatched socks and getting the opportunity to quietly thank my savior for His gifts.
Amen for dirty laundry!

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