Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Justin is so pleased to announce that he finally got his daughter...

Lucy McElhannon was born Christmas Day (we made this up because she was actually sadly found by our sweet friends on the side of the we decided she deserved a fancy made up birthday). We have had her for about 2 weeks now and things are going great.
Our long time friends are thinking WTH??
We have tried with pets is a rundown on that.
Lacy - Maltese/mutt. Our very first dog. We bought her on our second date. When she was 6 months old...she ran into the street and was hit by a car. She lived. We bought her a new butt. She was never able to be potty trained again. Put her on craigslist. Yeah...we did that.
Turtle - Chocolate Lab. Ate a set of patio furniture. Ate a swing set. Ate three garden hoses. Ate our fence and swam in our neighbors pool. Ate the rain gutter. Ate the siding on the house. Went to live on a farm. Really....a friends farm.
Louis - Kitty. He had a leaky butt. His poop came out all day and night. Justin got rid of him the day after our honeymoon. I still do not know the truth on where exactly Louis went.
Panda - mutt from the adoption place. She wouldnt get in the car and wouldnt let me put her in the 15 minutes later I returned her to the adoption place.
Noodle - Black Lab. Our favorite dog of all the above mentioned. When we moved from the "country" to the "burbs" he was confused. He left and never came back :( Bryce still looks for him. (it has been over a year)

SO...if you are thinking we should NEVER be allowed to have another pet are probably right. BUT we have this sweet baby blue heeler that so badly needed someone to love her. We are determined to make it happen this time! We got her a kennel (thanks to a sweet friend) and we are having so much fun with her! The boys love playing with her....but they will surely be glad when those sharp puppy teeth go away.

So prayers and encouragement and tips on how to have the perfect puppy are always welcomed :)

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