Monday, January 31, 2011

reading with bryce

bryce and i really love to read together. he is learning to read himself now and thinks it so fun when he recognizes words or can stop and sound out words on his own.

each night we read two books together after the babies go to bed. it is such a sweet time. he gets to pick one book and i get to pick one book. he usually picks his childrens bible that he got from preschool last year. i pick something silly.
my mom and dad saved ALL of my books from when i was little. ALL OF THEM.
we have quite the book collection over here....because i was always quite the worm.
my favorites were the sesame street ernie gets lost and grovers bad awful day. i still have my wheres waldos books (which bryce and justin love to do together) and all the dr. suess books and so many others.
my mom had me write my name and phone number in all my books. this is hilarious to me. like...if someone found my book were they really going to call me to return it? probably not. but so still cute that she had me do it. written in the front of many of them is my name and the year i received the book.
one of the BEST books we dug out the other day was this...

i so so so love these amelia bedelia books! what a silly lady!! did anybody else read these??
and what do you know??? the first page had this written inside :)

Now Brody LOVES to read too. ALL DAY. He gets a book (his books are in a special box...they have pages that cannot be ripped...he still gets excited lol) and plows me over so he can sit on my lap. I can be in the middle of a million things and he will just plop his booty on down. He loves books with pictures of animals. He likes to make their noises and if there is EVER a kitty on the page....he kisses it.
i am looking forward to so many more years of reading to my cute boys. i love how they slow me down.

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