Saturday, January 8, 2011

hooo are you...saturday!


1. Did you make any New Year's Revolutions?
not so much.
a cleaner house = a more boring house. losing weight = i would have to buy smaller pants (not interested lol). saving more money = justin worries about that.
2. What are some goals you have for 2011?
having fun with my kids. creating as many fun traditions as possible.
3. What is something that you got for Christmas?
justin mchusband spoiled me! i got some fun shoes and new clothes and a purse/wallet and lots and lots of kisses!
4. Did you see any good movies over the holiday season?
NO. i saw a horrible movie and that is all.
5. Do you do your own taxes or have someone do them for you?
ask justin. i handle kids. he handles money.

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