Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Christmas Letter

So...I am not a Christmas Letter writing kind of girl. Why? Because, I doubt that anyone I love is ever wondering what I am up to :) I pretty much let everyone know...all the time...all year...what the deal is in our household! However, I love Christmas Letters. I love the time and thought that goes into writing them. I love the recap of a year.

This year, I received the best Christmas Letter ever. It was so full of emotion and love. A very very very very special family to me had a loss this past year. One of my very best friends (since like 6th grade) lost his mom. I knew exactly how he felt...but I still did not have the words for him. I got in my car and drove straight to see him....but still didnt have the perfect hug to give or the sentence of a lifetime to make all his worries disappear. All I can ever say to him is "i know"....and "i am sorry" ---- i digress
His mom always wrote a Christmas Letter. Every single year. This year....his dad wrote it. Wow. Did I ever lose it. I straight up...flat out...hands down...lost my cool. Cried my big fat face right off. So many reasons....He learned so many things about his wife after she was gone. He recognized the true amazingness of her spirit. (uh huh amazingness is a word...i checked). Not that he ever took her for granted....but when you live with something every single cant help but just see it as the norm. You begin to expect the cheer and joy....but then when it is gone...:(
His words were so perfectly chosen. He never said oh poor me. He just so lovingly described his wife and what he missed the most about her and what he was so thankful for. He expressed how God had so richly blessed their lives.
More and more and more tears.
I thought about the Christmas Letter early this season. I knew I would not be getting one and it made me sad. But I did get one....and it was the best one I have ever received.

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