Friday, January 28, 2011

phone pics

Here is a recap of fun things from my phone over the last couple weeks :)
We got a kinect....and dance party is the Seriously! It is hilarious and silly and such a fun workout!!
Such fun competitiveness!!
We got to wear our pjs to preschool last week for polar express day! I snuck over and grabbed this little fatty out of his class for some fun while my kiddos were outside!
Brody is cool. He wears his sunglasses at night.
Justin got us tickets to the MONSTER JAM! We were front and center! Thanks Toyota :)
Bryce has the TIME OF HIS LIFE! We got a sitter for the it was just us and him! His fave truck of the day was the ninja turtle!!! We had such a blast.
While I was in the little boys were doing this. Weirdos.

and here is one i stole from a friend! i love my job. i love that we got to wear our pajamas to work...and i LOVE that i get to work with the most fun and awesome and God fearing women in the UNIVERSE!!!

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