Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brody, My Hero

9/11 is a day to remember some very special heroes. It is a day to pray big time for some families that lost big time. It is a day to be proud to be an American. It is also a day to praise God.
On this day...I praise God for my freedom, my country and my very own little hero...Brody. Lots of people fought for their lives on this day. So did sweet Brody. He was born on September 11th, 2008 in the midst (very scary midst) of Hurricane Ike at 36 weeks gestation. Little Brody showed us what a little fighter our gracious Father had created him to be. He showed us BIG time. In his two incredibly happy and amazing years he has gone through 55+ days in the hospital, 5 ambulance rides, a stomach surgery, 21 stitches on his forehead, rsv, pneumonia, his first year at preschool, countless haircuts (seriously his hair grows like a wild man), the most amazing therapist (OT and speech), some pretty severe reflux, first friends, first tricycle, a baby brother, a puppy (see ya, noodle) and so much more. He is a fighter...a little bad ass if you will. My man is awesome. I love his guts all the way to pluto. He is walking 90% (10% giraffe/crab/mowgli) and his verbal capabilities and general communicative skills get better and better each day. He eats like a gorilla and is ALWAYS smiling. Actually is pretty much always laughing. Giggling. Cracking up at himself. He totally knows he is cute.

Brody John McElhannon is MY hero.
He struggled.
But....darn it...he stayed cute the whole time :)
first hair cut
mommy's sweet angel.
I truly do not know what we would be like as a family without him. He has made us who we are. And I like us.
Our awesome Sullivan family celebrated round 1 of Brody's big day at the river house!
They spoiled the boys to death with tons of presents and yummy cupcakes!
Brody is just one big boy with all his cars and trucks and super hero toys!
Can you believe he is TWO? He got to have the most AMAZING birthday party. We celebrated with 14 of his very bestest friends at the build a bear work shop. He had the most precious teddy bear cupcakes and made a cute as a toot camo teddy bear! All his sweet friends got to hold a little red heart, make a special wish and put them all in his bear's tummy. Get out of town with the cuteness. I made his friends bear shaped peanut butter and honey sandwiches with teddy grahams and gummy bears (ok and some fruit to pretend like we were atleast a little healthy) and put it all in a red picnic basket with little bears on them. I only have crummy pictures posted for now (all from my phone) BUT soon I will post the AMAZING pictures that my BF @ Mustard Seed Photography took.
Brody and his friends picking out their bears.
singing happy birthday!
giving his BF alex a big smooch
Look how blessed he is! So many people that love his guts!
He got so many fun presents. Bryce picked out a very special gift for him...a shopping cart. He shopped the whole house today. There was toilet paper, a shoe, my brush, every car he could find, some books and almost his baby brother in that shopping cart today!
Thank you all for loving Brody as much as we do.
Fancy pics to be posted soon :)

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