Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bryce Joe is FIVE

My cute as a button first born is five. If you are wondering if I cried on his birthday...well I did. I just cannot believe how big he is. He is so smart and independent and adventurous and hilarious! Our days would surely be boring without him in the mix. He is the most fantastic big brother, such a kind friend and again...probably the funniest kid I know. He still eats pretty much nothing but cheese and tomatoes. He LOVES football and golf. He got a new big boy (no training wheels) bike for his birthday and rides it like a champ. He is charming and wild and will call you out in a heartbeat. He is so so so very passionate about Christ. He prays and prays and shouts his love for the Lord at the top of his lungs. He LOVES going to AWANAS and Sunday School and has more friends than I could ever keep up with. He is my big precious Bryce.

Birthday festivities in pictures:

Bryce got to hang with Kevin Fowler :) They became buddies quickly!

Bryce waiting for his party guests!

Bryce and his two kindergarten pals!
Daddy let baby Braxton have a cupcake
Bryce had a MONSTER themed party!

Pretending this was his eyeball
Best Pals!
Our newest family members! We super love our Ms. Joanie and Mr. Jerry!
On his birthday, EMS came to preschool to teach kids about safety. Bryce got to be the volunteer!!
Most handsome little guy around.

He chose to go to Willies for his birthday dinner!

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