Wednesday, August 3, 2011

best day ever

so yesterday topped the charts on "yuck days"....many many people saw and heard my tears yesterday. thank you sweet angels who lifted me up :) you all just know exactly who you are! i knew today was going to be better...i mean for could it be worse?! but i really just had a gut feeling it was going to be GOOD. i was right. la te da for me! justin called this morning and said he was getting discharged! they came back with the biopsy results and it was indeed a fungal infection. this was not our first choice...but it sure wasnt the last! we took it as a praise. the heavy heavy antibiotics that he had been on for 6 days had really done some good work. he was prescribed a new fancy oral (and by fancy i mean that it cost the same as a pony) antibiotic and told he could finish treatment at home!!! he was over the moon to call with this news and HE was more than thrilled to send me on to nashville! i was hesitant because i want to soak up every minute of him that i can...but its important to him that i get this "break" and get filled up in worship and fellowship...and i am pretty excited :) he is such a selfless man. i am truly blessed! he told me that he had prayed and prayed that this would work out. he really wanted me to go and he really wants to get back to work (i know...he is crazy). we truly feel like this is a testament to yesterdays obedience. justin will not have to wear a mask all the time...just in very high traffic places. he will just need to be more cautious about germs and debri.

so...they will not start the treatment programs (possible prograf etc) for scleroderma and polymyositis until his lungs have straightened themselves up a bit. the interstitial lung disease needs to get a grip and MOVE ON! he will need to go back to cleveland in october to hopefully get that going! we will pray that it can push those other dumb diseases into remission!!
bryce and i got to have a very fun date today! we got his backpack for kindergarten and had a fun date with special friends to see smurfs! AND he is getting to live it up this weekend with his friend davis at the lake!! lucky guy :)
love you all and keep bringing on those prayers!!

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