Wednesday, August 10, 2011

thank you

where 2 or more are present...He is there. what about where there are 500 more are present?! tonight was the most spectacular showing of Gods love I have ever seen. what an outpouring of His love shown in the work and love put into tonights pancake supper. i know that weeks of planning went into this event. there were 100 silent auction items, 500 people were served DELICIOUS pancakes, some REALLY cute tshirts, a super fun bouncy house and the most amazing group of people serving in this whole wide universe. i have some of the most amazing friends that ever existed. it was overwhelming in so many ways. our community is truly awesome. Justin had a poor report about his lungs about 30 minutes prior to the pancake supper...but God showed us through our friends (and total strangers) that He loves us so mightily and NO diagnosis can take that away. My boys had such a fun time. It is so special to see how loved they are in our church home. I looked around all night and each time there was someone playing with them and loving on them in the most incredible way. I only wish we could have walked around and spoke to each person. I saw so many dear friends....truck loads of them...that I didnt even get to hug or thank. What a whirlwind. The women that organized this event are truly my most precious friends. I just dont know what I would do without them. Each time I looked around I saw another dear friend working hard. I even saw some pretty awesome gals possibly fighting over some super cool auction items lol. The intimidating stack of medical bills that we are afraid to look at does not seem so daunting anymore. Thanks to the outpouring of love from His people...we can look to the future and focus less on dollar signs and more on getting the most handsome man in the world BETTER!

The current health update is nothing exciting. There continues to be a major concern for his lungs. He will go back to Cleveland in October to discuss new treatments (possible prograf for organs)...and until then we will pray that his lungs will stop collecting scar tissue. His muscle enzyme levels are creeping back up and he is fighting painful viral infections. His medicine count just keeps going up and up. We rest all of the burdens at Jesus' feet tonight and rest thankful for his peace and grace and love which was shown to us in so many ways this very evening.

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