Friday, August 19, 2011

other news

So recently the focus has been all on Justin...and well...we DO have other family members. And they are pretty cute!
Braxton is just our little stink in the pants. He is a really nice little bulldozer. Seriously. He is very sweet and precious...but could be a linebacker for sure. We are excited for him to start preschool in a few weeks...he will have our beloved Kathy. Nobody tell Brody...he doesnt know yet :) He is talking up a storm and he really cracks himself up. I am jello in his hands.
Brody is still trucking along with the potty training. He does it when he wants to...and doesnt when he doesnt want to. :) He will be going into the 3 year old program next year with Kelly (who was Bryces first teacher at FBC!). So exciting for all of us. His language and communication skills are developing more and more. He makes us proud! Please begin to pray for the ARD that he has at Aue on Sept. 7th. We feel that God has spoken clearly to us on where Brody is supposed to be next year and we are looking forward to setting up speech therapy through the school and taking him to preschool with his baby brother on Tues/Thurs.
Now....onto the BIG news. Bryce got to meet his kindergarten teacher last night. It was so cute to see him so excited and in a brand new element. He was thrilled. He can hardly even wait. I am going to miss having him with me all the time...but I know it is ready for him to spread his little wings. He is bustin outta this joint!! I have only cried about it 5 times. I am very proud of that.
We now take a moment of silence for rocky the beta fish. He has gone to heaven after a fabulous 21 month stay here at the mac shack. We brought him home when we brought Braxton home....I MEAN....Santa brought him here the next morning!!! Silly me.
Bryce found him yesterday and said "oh no...rocky's life went to heaven and he left his body in my room" We prayed for him and then daddy took his body outside to do whatever it is daddys do with fish bodies with no life.
Justin has been working. He still feels pretty awful...his medication side effects are terrible...but it makes him feel good to work. He is not sleeping and the "reflux" is unbelievable...but his muscles dont hurt and he is not swollen. He is being very cautious with germs...he sanitizes and showers a LOT and even wears his mask sometimes. As flu/sick season approaches....we will have to be even MORE cautious...but we will deal with that as it comes. We continue to be encouraged each day as people love on us and reach out to us. The support is unbelievingly overwhelming and so so appreciated. He will see a liver doctor in a couple of weeks for testing and we are currently looking for the best local pulmonolgist to be proactive in his plan here...since he can obviously not go to Cleveland every month for check ups.
We are learning everyday how to deal with this. We sure do NOT have it all figured out...its a constant work in progress....and we are OK with that.

BIG prayers for our BIG boy on his BIG day Monday!! Aue we come!!!

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