Monday, August 22, 2011

it happened...

Today came. It really did. Bryce went to kindergarten.
We had one wild and crazy summer. It is not quite how we thought it would go...but His plans for us are bigger than we will ever understand. We had a big awesome last week...a friend took us to fiesta texas, we swam lots with the fickeys, we played with fun friends, we ate pizza under sheet tents, celebrated the end of summer with sunday school friends and spent as much time with good friends as we could possibly fit in!! Summer of were a wacky one...but we made the best out of you!!
I just cannot stop thinking about the fact that Bryce is really BIG enough for school. I remember the moment he was born...I made the nurses immediately put a hat on him because his head was shaped funny :) He is been my independent little fire cracker...and our house is going to be missing some spark during the day!
He was SO very excited about today. He could absolutely NOT wait.
I only cried like five times...and I did NOT cry in the classroom. So hooray for me.
good morning pancake breakfast!!

Mommy and Bryce walked...while Daddy followed in his truck :)
they talked the whole way!

this is bryce's precious teacher!!

Thank you all for your sweet prayers on this BIG day. It is going to take some getting used to for sure!! Baby brothers were sure excited when they woke up from nap and bubby was home!!

Now onto the dumb news. Justin has not been feeling very well. He is not sleeping and is having some pretty yucky esophagus issues. We are looking into getting him into a gastroenterologist asap. He is experiencing skin tightening due to the scleroderma. It is very frustrating and scary. He has been working a lot and really enjoying really helps him to forget his worries and focus on other things. We are battling the insurance company daily. They just do not want to cover anything anymore without a fight. Please pray for comfort and sleep for justin. Please lift him up each night before you go to sleep. It is agony watching him lay there miserably awake and hurting all night. It looks like we are going to be on the phone over the next few days finding the best local doctors. God has got it handled...please pray that we are obedient to where he wants justin to be and do not make emotional decisions. Please pray that no matter what we are doing...that we will stop and listen for His guidance.

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