Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here is a quick medical update.

Justin had two appointments on Friday. The first was with a gastroenterologist. They discovered that Justin's esophagus is staying up all the time (we already knew this part), but that now the bottom of his esophagus is shrinking and hardening. This is causing many problems for his entire tummy system. Which is referred to that as guts when you are a man though :) The scan showed that there are possibly several things going on in there including the possibility of parts of his intestines being paralyzed. The only way to find out what all is going on and what can be done about it is to go in. Yup. All the way in :( Tuesday afternoon Justin will be put under for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. He is an "at risk" patient so I will stay at the hospital during the procedure. Please cover him in prayer on Tuesday. You may also give him a little shout out on Monday while he is FASTING!!! I am already scared about that!
Speaking of fasting...along with these gut issues comes a new diet. He is to follow a low fiber and low fat diet. For those of you bringing us meals...thank you SO much! It is hard for us to have to be specific because we have really been enjoying all the yummy things that have been brought to us. It is truly a blessing to have just one less thing to worry about in the evenings.
His next appointment was with his regular rheumatologist, Dr F. He found that unfortunately the scarring in Justin's lungs has spread north. This was the first time that anything has been detected in the top of his lungs. He is currently researching a pulmonologist. We need one that is familiar with autoimmune diseases. Dr. F is working with the UT Health and Science Center to find the best local dr.
There is quite a bit of hardening and pain happening in Justin's body right now. He is going to do his best to stick to (by drs request) a maximum of 40 hour work week. Big ambitious pants has a hard time with that :)
Please pray for peace and rest. We have stepped up the game in prayer...but that is a post for another day :) Thank you all for loving us...and PS: We survived the first week of kindergarten!! I have started back to "work"....which is hardly considered a job because its 2 days a week and I get to love on sweet 4 year olds and hang out with my best friends all day...and MOPS leadership duties are in FULL keep those prayers up and we will keep our chins up!!
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