Tuesday, August 2, 2011

yucky tuesday

Nothing too great to report precious friends.

Justin is still in Cleveland. He had a great couple of days with Vic and is now getting some much needed time with his parents!! He is feeling blessed :) I am so glad he has had good company while I am at home with our babies.
Today has been a very sad day for me. Justin has been burdened with more and more bad news. He still does not have lung biopsy results, but has been told he will have them tomorrow at the latest. He is now on a new set of antibiotics. His pulmonologist cannot tell him yet if it is the interstitial lung disease or scleroderma that is causing the most problems right now. Praying for news on that asap because that will determine treatment. And as for that little word "treatment"...its not medically a possibility. Suppress is the word they like to use. Whatever. I am more than sure that God has a whole different vocabulary :) Justin will need to change his lifestyle forever in regards to large crowds and germs. He needs to be extremely careful and steer clear from crowded places. If he needs to be in a busy place he will need to wear a mask.
I will not be going on my annual mops convention trip, because i need to be with my family. Broken hearted for sure...but hear loud and clear that with my family is where I need to be. I am sure going to miss some special time with some of my very best friends. Justin wanted me to go very badly and be "normal" and get "filled up"...but God has something else planned out for us right now. It is going to be a rough few days. Justin wants me with the kids and I want to be with him. Our reality is changing more and more...Justin diagnosis are getting worse and more dark. Please Please Please continue to lift us up everyday. Satan wants in this family so bad...he wants in our house and in Justin's body. WE WILL NOT ALLOW IT!

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