Friday, December 26, 2008

the Christmas aftermath

Christmas was a success! My turkey was delicious and everyone loved it. The gravy even turned out. The only thing that was not successful was my poor sweet potatoes. Oh well...nobody likes those things anyways :) Our living room is covered with toys and "stuff" that I need to slowly start putting away. We had a great time with John, Tanya and Nana last night and I have to say the hit of the evening was during Taboo when Nana shouted out "sexophene"!!! Is that even a word haha?! It was awesome. I literally thought I was going to die laughing. Bryce and Caiden played until they passed out. They were slightly overstimulated yesterday with all the toys and junk hopefully they will be a little more chilled out today. Brody was just a little angel as usual. He showed off his smiles and giggles to everyone all day. He is just my little muffin. If all babies were like him...I would without a doubt have 10 more. I just cant get enough of his lovin. He really brought a whole new dynamic into our lives. He is just the cherry on top of our family cupcake. Justin and Bryce just swoon over him all day. I think back to the days when I was told I could not hold him or the days when he was so covered in bandages and moniters that I could hardly see his skin. I think about looking at my two week old lying in a hospital and wishing that I could change his diaper or give him a bath for the first time. It has been a long road...he is just a little soldier!

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