Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve

My mom left today to go and stay with my sister. It was really hard to see her drive away because we are not sure when we are going to get to see her again. She has been in so much pain while she has been here. It breaks my heart to see such a strong woman suffer so badly. It is going to be a little gloomy the first few days that she is gone because Bryce adores her sooooo much. We exchanged Christmas gifts this morning and as usual she spoiled us all to death! Justin will get off work early today (yay!!) and we are going to the river walk to take Bryce on his first boat ride! We are starting all our new family traditions and hopefully going to the river walk on Christmas Eve will be one! Everything is ready for Santa tomorrow!! This year is going to be so fun for Bryce. I cannot wait to see that first look on his face when we walk into the living room and look by the tree!!! Brody is getting spoiled too...eventhough he has no idea what is going on. One thing is for sure...he LOVES Santa! Even a picture of Santa makes him giggle. He has the cutest little giggle in the world. When he coos and smiles at us my heart just melts! He is really into his Daddy. As soon as he hears Justins voice, he starts to instantly perk up and start grinning. I just LOVE having two babies. I thought it would be hectic and chaotic, but it is actually just wonderful.

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