Tuesday, December 30, 2008

staying at home

I never knew how much work and how enjoyable being a stay at home mom is. I really did not think that is was going to be "for me" But it truly is. I absolutely loved working, and maybe because I always had such great jobs. I enjoyed the pride of accomplishment in work and also the social aspect of course...who can beat lunch with friends every day! I stayed at home with Bryce once before and I felt like it was just not the job for me...but this time things are different. I am ALWAYS busy...I know Brody brought a new dynamic into our lives and his appointments definitely help fill up the calendar. BUT something is just different this time. I enjoy our schedule so much. I enjoy caring for the kids all day. I thought I would get bored or ancy...but that could not be farther from the truth. We are a non stop operation around here and the personal satisfaction is so pleasing. Sure there are days where I miss adult conversation and brain stimulating challenges...but I think I found the right thing for me right now. Life is not perfect...but the more you appreciate it...the better it feels.
Brody is getting better and better at sitting up. We are practicing very hard. He has gained so much muscle control recently. Each of his accomplishments are a miracle to me. I know that each child with downs is different...but I just feel like he has conquered so much and proven himself to be such a fighter. I am looking forward to his next therapy appointment tomorrow. It has been awhile due to the holidays and I am anxious to track his progress.

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